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Digital exhibition now live!

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We are very pleased and excited to announce that our digital exhibition, ‘Remembering the Reformation’, is now live! Featuring over 130 books, manuscripts and other objects, the exhibition is the result of our collaboration with Cambridge University Library (who are hosting us within their digital exhibition space), Lambeth Palace Library and York Minster Library. It also features exhibits from six other collections across the UK. This means we have been able to bring together a huge range of items, from unique manuscripts to clocks, and from some of the most influential books in early modern culture to finger bones!

The exhibition is designed to share and inform our research, and the structure reflects the four strands of our project: Lives and Afterlives; Events and Temporalities; Places, Objects and Spaces; and Ritual, Liturgy and the Body. This project, though, is truly the result of collaboration, and could never have happened without the huge help, support and inspiration we’ve had from many individuals and institutions. You can find our full list of acknowledgements here, which show just how many debts we’ve incurred. Above all, we’d like to thank Emily Dourish, Aislinn Muller and Tom Taylor, whose work on the logistics, organisation and implementation of this exhibition made it possible.

We’ve had a tremendous amount of fun preparing this exhibition. Along the way we’ve visited many amazing libraries and collections, got up close and personal with our exhibits, and made some very tough choices about what to include. We really hope that you enjoy it as much as we have.